Alliance College of Law


A career in law is one of the most sought after and prestigious careers available in the modern world. Legal professionals can command huge fees, whether they are prosecuting or defending, in the court room or acting as solicitors from an office. Law is a much prized career and having an opportunity to study it is seen as a true advantage. At Alliance University there is a wide range of legal courses available for all students. These courses are taught by professionals, with strong legal backgrounds, and many of our students go on to study in further university courses, or to attain employment with large legal firms.

Alliance is a professional law school and therefore it offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Entry levels and demands are high, which reflects the quality of the courses and the caliber of the graduates who leave the courses. There are five year integrated degree courses, which allow for full study of various legal aspects. All graduates are prepared for a full career in law and have to study for five years. There are also short-term diploma courses that are available for graduates and undergraduates and these courses bring highly respected careers in legal services and private legal firms, often around the world.

One of the key elements responsible for the success of the Alliance College of Law is the fact that the educators involved in the courses have some of the strongest subject matter knowledge in their field. Compared to other universities, the breadth and depth of the knowledge is considerable. This truly prepares graduates for careers in law. Many graduates go on to the highest levels of law, including judge and high judge work. Within the courses themselves, many different aspects of law are covered including professional argument work and all of the skills involved in becoming a member of legal counsel.

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